Bundesliga Bitcoin Betting: 34th Bundesliga Matchweek Preview

Welcome to the 34th and last Bundesliga matchweek preview for the 2020/2021 season. It was an unusual season in the German top flight but eventually the standings on the table are very similar to how they always are. Bayern Munich are champions (again) and Leipzig are right there behind them. Borussia Dortmund had a lot … Read more

Bundesliga Bitcoin Betting: 31st Bundesliga Matchweek Preview

With three rounds to go, we still can’t imagine how the final standings will look in the German top flight. The only thing we know is that the Bavarians remain champions for yet another season. Leipzig will likely finish 2nd as they currently have a seven point advantage. Their performances haven’t been great lately but … Read more

Bundesliga Bitcoin Betting: 31st Bundesliga Matchweek Preview

Four rounds to go in the Bundesliga and the Bavarians need just two points to officially be crowned champions. Their win over Leverkusen in the last round sealed the deal even though other results went their way as well. We are saying this because Leipzig managed to drop points once again. That’s now the 3rd … Read more

Bundesliga Bitcoin Betting: 30th Bundesliga Matchweek Preview

With five rounds to go, it seems that the Bavarians will remain Bundesliga Champions. They didn’t have the best season but their rivals didn’t properly challenge them. In the last round, Bayern easily defeated a Wolfsburg side that’s a TOP 4 contender even though the Bavarians were without the services of some of their best … Read more

Bundesliga Bitcoin Betting: 29th Bundesliga Matchweek Preview

With Bayern out of the UCL, Leipzig’s chances of winning the Bundesliga dropped massively. The Bavarians will now focus on their league games on top of the fact that they already have a five point advantage. In the last round, they could only manage a draw against Union Berlin. The Red Bull side, on the … Read more

Bundesliga Bitcoin Betting: 28th Bundesliga Matchweek Preview

After the last Bundesliga round, things are becoming more clear on who is going to win the title. In a direct title match against Leipzig, the Bavarians secured a hard-fought 0:1 victory. With that result, Bayern now have a seven point advantage and will most likely be Bundesliga champions again. On the other hand, Wolfsburg … Read more

Bundesliga Bitcoin Betting: 27th Bundesliga Matchweek Preview

The International break is over and now Bundesliga teams can return to the title race. In the last round, the holding champions continued their winning run and are now four points ahead on the top of the table. After the draw against Frankfurt, the Red Bull side returned to winning ways in the last round. … Read more