La Liga Bitcoin Betting: 36th La Liga Matchweek Preview

The 35th round was supposed to make it clearer which team will win the title. Instead, things remain just as complicated as before. The derby between Barcelon and Atletico Madrid finished with a stalemate. That result gave Real Madrid an opportunity to go top of the table. Nevertheless, Real Madrid had a tough fixture ahead … Read more

La Liga Bitcoin Betting: 35th La Liga Matchweek Preview

We have never watched such a season in the Spanish top flight. Four teams fighting for the title with four rounds remaining is something no one expected. However, it’s possible that the 35th round will decide La Liga’s fate. The best four sides are playing against each other. These fixtures could be crucial in deciding … Read more

La Liga Bitcoin Betting: 34th La Liga Matchweek Preview

The Spanish Top Flight took yet another turn and now we have four teams that are within three points and all could win the title. Barcelona had the chance to go top for the first time in ten months but they completely crumbled in the game against Granada. After leading 1:0 at half time, they … Read more

La Liga Bitcoin Betting: 31st La Liga Matchweek Preview

After El Clasico, things seemed to move in a direction that suits Real Madrid. However, just one week later, everything is changed. The Catalans didn’t play in the previous round because they played the final of the Copa del Rey which they won. Fully motivated, Barcelona will now try to catch Atletico and win the … Read more

La Liga Bitcoin Betting: 33rd La Liga Matchweek Preview

The title race in La Liga became even more interesting after the results from the last matchweek. Real Madrid and Barcelona played their 2nd El Clasico of the season and Madrid emerged victorious once again. This result caused them to move above Barcelona on the table even though is just one point. Atletico Madrid, on … Read more

La Liga Bitcoin Betting: 30th La Liga Matchweek Preview

La Liga has been a two horse race for quite some time with Atletico managing to win just one title over the last ten years. However, this season both Barcelona and Madrid were struggling, which game Atletico a fantastic opportunity. At one point in the season, they had a thirteen point lead over Barcelona and … Read more