Tut’s Twister slot brings new life to Ancient Egypt!

Tut’s Twister slot brings new life to Ancient Egypt! {{key}}: {{value.USD.PRICE}} ({{value.USD.CHANGEPCT24HOUR}}%) April 23, 2021 What happens when you wake a 3-thousand-year-old royal mummy from his slumber? Cyclone Tutenkhamum happens! Poor ol’ King Tut has been resting peacefully for hundreds of centuries, until the discovery of his tomb in 1922. How would you like to … Read more

Hurry up and Pull the Trigger on the Desperate Dawgs Slot

March 23, 2021 When it comes time to dust off the old six-shooter, hat and spurs to face the action in the golden days of chewing tobacco, the Wild West, the usual suspects are normally gritty cowboys looking to let the bullets fly. In the Desperate Dawgs slot by Yggdrasil, you need to prepare for … Read more

Only the Baddest Warriors Are Granted Access to Viking Runes Slot

March 17, 2021 Vikings were known for being absolutely ruthless and the last thing you wanted to see on the horizon was a big fleet of viking ships closing in on the coastline you live on. The stereotype of these brutal warriors is that they all had a thick beard but considering the climate they … Read more

Magic, Trigger-Happy Pups and a Legendary Treasure? Yes, Please!

March 15, 2021 There’s not a week that goes by that doesn’t bring new, exciting action to BitStarz and as you know, Monday means a sneak peak of our three hottest new releases. From magic to ancient treasures to trigger-happy dawgs, we have got it all in store for you this time and this week’s … Read more