10 Best Poker Quotes By Professionals

Over the last few centuries, poker has evolved from a game played by outlaws, to a celebrated ‘sport’ played by professionals in reputable competitions. Famous phrases and poker quotes birthed at the gaming table became usual in everyday conversation, even outside the poker scene. From great decision making, risk analysis, investment, negotiation, financial responsibility, entrepreneurship … Read more

What Does WTSD Mean in Poker?

In the previous post, we looked at some terms in poker lingo. In that particular piece, our focus was on the acronym WWSF, meaning “Won When Saw the Flop”. This means the percentage of pots a player has won after they saw the flop. Our journey into the world of poker stats continues and, this … Read more

What Does WWSF Mean in Poker?

Playing poker today is much more than just sitting down at the table. You need to be up to speed with the poker lingo, understanding acronyms like WWSF, VPIP, along with other phrases such as “slow roll”. Back in the day, poker was only played live. There were no computers and no poker dictionaries. You … Read more