If you could pick the Goddess of protection and fertility, who better than Bastet and her cat-like head. Come on, with 9 lives you are the ultimate protector and considering the fact that she was also the bringer of good health, it’s the perfect fit. Watch her in action and capitalize on her powers as you bag the cash in Mascot Gaming’s new Bastet and Cats slot.

The burning hot golden sand does not seem to bother her one bit but then again, nothing is as hot as winning big. Lucky for you, a €32,500 max win is just the beginning and it’s the Rockfall feature and free spins that will lead the way to the treasure. Should your patience run out, give the Risk ‘n Buy feature a nudge and head straight to the bonus round and the cash.

Let’s whistle for the pussycat and ask for protection against winless spins!

It’s a Celebration

The game has a pretty basic 5 reel design but let’s acknowledge the cool 3D Goddess. Despite all the cat symbols, it’s not a rescue center for the feline species. Instead it is a celebration of Bastet, whose symbol also has the highest value.

It wouldn’t be a true Egyptian theme without the mighty scarab beetle and you will find it as the always welcome scatter.


Play Now

With a €40 bet limit, clearly you can do some damage, so pair it up with the 812.5x multiplier and voilá, the €32,500 max win is all yours. This is a low volatility game with a 95.00% RTP so focus on many smaller wins instead of waiting on one massive win.

Watch Out for Falling Rocks

You may have encountered cascading reels before but when they are run by mighty Bastet herself, the name gets an update and goes by the name of the Rockfall feature.

Every time you land a winning combo, the symbols involved are removed and not only will you get fresh symbols, your multiplier will increase with each win. This will give you an extra chance to improve your overall win and who says no to that!

How to Cash in on Free Spins

Let’s bring on the scarabs. You’ll need at least 5 of them to kickstart the free spins. The scatter will give you a random number of spins, so be on your best behaviour and Bastet might just throw you a bone.

Play Now

Remember the multipliers from the Rockfall feature? Well, during free spins they get even bigger. Boom!

Tired Of Waiting?

Enough is enough and when those thoughts start to appear, swing by the Risk ‘n Buy option, toss in a few coins and head off into the free spins sunset!

One of Our Favorite Goddess

There is definitely money to be made in the Bastet and Cats slot and after all, isn’t that why you’re here? Bastat is climbing the ranks of our favorite Egyptian deities and you’ll understand why as soon as you start playing!

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