Professional player mints world’s 1st tennis star nft

Professional tennis star Mischa Zverev has made the world’s first tennis star NFT. He has made a set of 5 NFTs and each one comes with a personal training session with the star himself. They are on sale on Rarible.

Mischa, who lives in Monte Carlo, ranked as high as #25 in 2017 and beat the #1 at the time, Andy Murray at the Australian Open.

He also trains his brother, Alex Zverev, who was ranked as high #3 in the man’s professional tennis. He was a finalist in the last US Open.

Brothers in arms

Why make a tennis star NFT

The idea for the tennis star NFT came from a conversation with his friend, Shanka Jayasinha. Shanka is the Founder & CIO of S&J Private Equity, which usually invests in pre-IPO, high-growth opportunities & special situations.

They were seeing crazy numbers flying in the NFT market and saw a few athletes doing some giveaways. Therefore, they thought this is a great way to give people something unique, whilst helping charity.

In addition to being the first in the tennis world and also the first European athlete, Mischa wanted to make more than a simple digital collector’s card.

He wanted to provide a full experience to the tennis star NFT buyer while raising some funds for charity. The first two recipients will be Elhadj Diouf’s foundation & Treats .

So they came up with the idea of the NFT above, which is a limited edition of 5.

Furthermore, each buyer of one of the 5 NFTs can redeem it for a one on one coaching session.

Coaching session

The coaching sessions will take place in either Monaco or in one of the cities the ATP holds a tournament during the season.

When asked why he had decided to get involved with Mischa’s project Shanka stated;

“It’s the beginning of this movement, which will grow as more public figures join it and attract more people. I believe NFTs are the future of collectibles and memorabilia, it’s their digital transition.”

Additionally, when asked why NFTs Mischa replied, “It is a great way to give people something back for their support. The tennis star NFT is unique memorabilia and at the same time I am helping worthwhile causes”.


This is another first in the NFT world, which continues to grow unstoppable momentum into the mainstream. We love the idea of the live training sessions for owners of the tennis star NFT in any of the cities the ATP tour visits.

Finally, with the proceeds going to worthwhile charities we hope that it garners the support it deserves. Why not head over to Rarible and check it out.

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