Blockchain will transform gambling

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Gambling history has always had a shady image but blockchain gambling casinos could change all that.

Bookies and casinos are well known for manipulating the system in their favor.

However, casino platforms created on open-source blockchains could be about to transform the gambling industry.


The Internet and the introduction of online gambling transformed the face of the gambling industry forever.

Anyone with an internet connection, could participate in their favorite casino games. You could place bets from pretty much anywhere in the world.

Blockchain Casinos

Gambling quickly grew into one of the most lucrative and popular online businesses. Moreover, despite heavy regulations, online gambling is continuing to grow at an impressive rate.

Market research firm Modor Intelligence forecasts a growth of 8.77% CAGR between 219 and 2024.

Despite this optimistic outlook, online gambling casinos face several key challenges. The main being a lack of transparency.

Historically, online casinos offer low transparency on wins and losses.

Many have been accused of using unfair practices to give themselves an advantage. Players have no way of checking the fairness of any result.

This leads to many gamblers avoiding online platforms due to a lack of trust, which is stunting the industry’s growth.

However, the introduction of blockchain technology looks set to transform the online casino and gambling industry. This is due to providing transparency.



With games built on smart contracts users and businesses are able to verify transactions on a shared ledger.

All transactions: wins, losses, and payouts are recorded permanently on the blockchain ledger.

This eliminates bad practices and brings fairness back to the online gambling industry.

Blockchain technology offers users instant payouts in digital currencies, compared with regular online casinos.

On average regular casinos have a processing time of 3 to 5 days for withdrawals. And some can take considerably longer especially if it’s your first withdrawal.

Anonymity is another key benefit as users don’t have to enter any personal details. Another, is players operating with digital currencies.

Also, users no longer have to share sensitive banking information online.


There are a number of regulatory concerns that surround blockchain gambling.

First, any blockchain gambling platform that intends to gain mass adoption would have to comply with the regulatory framework within its jurisdiction.

For example, a company considered to be based in the United Kingdom would have to comply with the Gambling Act 2005. Even if it is not intended for UK customers.

Next, anonymity may prove to be a major obstacle for blockchain gambling adoption.

Although anonymity is a buzzword among the crypto space, it won’t sit well with regulators. They have voiced concerns about effective age checks. Moreover, they have concerns over anti-money laundering procedures.

Apart from legislation, blockchain gambling faces a range of other problems.

These include the wide-ranging implementation of the technology, the risk of abuse, and raising public awareness in cryptocurrencies.


It’s no surprise that blockchain gambling is seeing considerable growth at this moment in time.

Blockchain gambling casinos create a win-win situation for players and operators. It creates an environment based on fairness, trust, and transparency.

It might not be the perfect solution, but it does go a long way to addressing some of the major concerns associated with online gambling.

If regulatory concerns are overcome, then I believe blockchain will revolutionize the gambling industry in the coming years.

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