How MakerDAO (MKR) and DAI Holders Can Claim their $SX Airdrop

SportX is retroactively airdropping $SX to MKR and DAI Holders!

Since first launching the SportX Beta in March 2019, the MakerDAO community has been a huge supporter of SportX. Many of our earliest community members found us through the r/MakerDAO subreddit as we were one of the first Dapps to use DAI exclusively at launch.

To this day, over 60% of our weekly trading volume is still done in DAI!

This is why we have committed up to 160,000 SX (~$65,000) to be airdropped to any wallet that holds over 0.5 MKR or more than 1,000 DAI.

📈 What is SportX and SX

The SportX governance token (SX) controls and governs the SportX prediction market protocol. You can read our token launch article or February update to learn more, but here are a few points:

  • SportX is a prediction market that recently passed $20M in trading volume
  • The SX community treasury, which is controlled by SX stakers, has $22.5M in assets
  • Staking the SX token has a 90% annualized yield before compounding

❤️ What is the SX<>MKR+DAI Airdrop

With SportX governance recently launching we are looking to make the MakerDAO community owners so they can have a say in the direction of the SportX protocol.

SportX will be rewarding MakerDAO & DAI owners with the opportunity to claim SX, which can then be staked to earn staking rewards and participate in SportX governance.

** Airdrop can be claimed from March 25, 2021 to March 30, 2021 **

💰 How it works

The airdrop is live right now. All eligible addresses will be able to claim their SX for 5 days, after that, all leftover tokens will be returned to the treasury. The tokens will be claimed on a sliding scale based on when the users claim over the 5-day period.

🏆 The first 50 wallets to claim will receive 500 SX (~$200 each)

🥇 The 51st to 150th wallet to claim will receive 250 SX (~$100)

🥈 The 151st to 500th wallet to claim will receive 100 SX (~$40)

🥉 The 501st to 1,000th wallets to claim will receive 50 SX (~$20)

If more than 1,000 wallets (and up to 3,000) claim the airdrop within 72 hours, then any wallet after the 1,000th claim will receive 25 SX.

🏁 The race is on 🏁

✅ Who Qualifies?

There are two ways to qualify for the is airdrop:
1. Any Ethereum wallet address with 0.5 or more MKR tokens as of 3PM UTC on March 25th, 2021.

2. Any Ethereum Wallet address with 1,000 or more DAI tokens as of 3PM UTC on March 25th, 2021.

Over 15,000 wallets are eligible, check here to see if your wallet qualifies!

❓How to Claim

To claim your SX, eligible addresses need to:

(1) Go to and connect your MetaMask with the proper address

(2) Convert DAI to Matic DAI. This is free, takes about 5 minutes, and can be done easily through the UI. It is simple to convert back as well.

(3) Make a bet in DAI on any sporting event or crypto price market from your wallet on SportX.

👉 (4) Tell us that you bet to get paid 👈

All the SX tokens will be sent once the airdrop period ends on March 30th.

If you have any questions please check out our Community Discord channel.

🏛 What can I do with my SX?

  1. Governance, users who stake their SX tokens can vote and shape the SportX protocol’s future, similar to MKR.
  2. Stake, staking your SX enables you to receive daily staking rewards.
  3. Provide Liquidity, user can contribute liquidity to the SX<>ETH or SX<>DAI pools on Quickswap. On top of trading fees, both pools earn QUICK token rewards at roughly a 400% APY.
  4. Entry to exclusive tournaments, many of SportX’s biggest betting tournaments are invite only based on your staked SX status.

🏟 Community Links

Make a bet on the SportX Exchange, follow us on Twitter and Medium, and join the SportX community Discord!

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